'Deeksha' in Sanskrit means initiation. This project empowers PWDs with computer skills.

Project Deeksha is the first initiative of Amogh . Its main objective is to impart basic computer skills to differently- abled children to enable them work on simple computer projects. Keeping in mind their special needs, we have developed a training module to teach basic computer skills to our trainees.

Every trainee of Amogh gets an opportunity to learn Basics like MS Word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint , data entry and document scanning.The training extends to non -computer education too like word building, arithmetic, counting and general knowledge.

The training period ranges from six months to one year depending on the ability of the individual trainee.

Deeksha Training at NIMHANS

Amogh has partnered with NIMHANS, Bengaluru and has started a Computer training centre at the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre at NIMHANS Hospital. Deeksha training is offered as a rehabilitation program for the patients at NMHANS.


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