Dream Weaves

Dream Weaves

Weaving is a therapeutic activity, which helps our Differently Abled Adults keep engaged and stimulated. Weaving enables them to express themselves artistically. It promotes fine motor skills and helps trainees learn how to create patterns and work through problems they may encounter while working on the loom.

Weaving as skill training for Differently-abled Adults

At Amogh, trainees learn to weave on frames, Ashford looms and Saori looms. We work on designs that are easy to follow for our trainees, keeping in mind their skills and abilities. They weave and create beautiful Mats, Shawls, Scarfs, Home Decor and more, which is retailed under the name of Amogh Dream Weaves through our center, as well as online and at offline events.

Weaving courses for beneficiaries of other NGOs

Being able to create your own fabric opens up a world of possibilities for NGOs - in terms of innovation, income, and employment generation. In 2022, we have begun training courses for other NGOs interested in weaving. Our course covers a little of everything - right from the basics to how to setup and operate a loom, weaving techniques, choosing yarns, colour combinations and possibilities.

Course Duration: 3 months, 5 days per month.

Write to us at amoghananyaproducts@gmail.com for details on our courses.

Livelihood Training Partner with Disability NGO Alliance Karnataka - DNA

Amogh is the livelihood Training partner for Weaving with Disability NGO Alliance Karnataka - DNA where DNA member NGOs can get trained at Amogh if they want to start a weaving project for their organization.

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